St Mark's CE Primary School


Why is English important?

English is the gateway to all opportunities in life. A strong foundation in speaking, reading and writing will open many doors for our children. It is the key to creativity and imagination. Through English, children are provided with opportunities to explore a variety of authors; learn about a variety of genres; have a full understanding of Grammar in the English language and develop and hone their speaking and listening skills. They explore ideas and themes through different authors and poets. They are given a variety of different opportunities to explore public speaking through poetry reading, debates and sharing of own work.

Being literate is the gateway to all pathways and careers. A few careers that the study of English supports include:

  • Author
  • Poet
  • Teacher
  • Politician
  • Public Speaker
  • Lawyer

At The Wings’ CE Trust, we aim to:

  • Enable children to become fluent readers, with a passion and love of reading
  • Enable children to become confident and articulate speakers and provide opportunities for public speaking
  • Have a focus on promoting oracy and enable children to understand that. ‘reading and writing float on a sea of talk.’
  • Ensure children read for pleasure, as well as to develop educationally
  • Provide opportunities that enable children to become fluent writers with a flair for creativity and imagination
  • enable children read and write using a wide range of genre to communicate ideas and feelings
  • nurture and harness creativity and acquire and develop a range of skills and techniques which the children can then apply through their topic work
  • help children learn about the role of talk, reading and writing in their environment and take inspiration from it
  • enable children to become independent in the planning and reviewing of their work
  • enable children to develop their full potential confidently and independently
  • to develop an appreciation for authors from across the ages and show an appreciation for different genres i.e. classics, Sci-fi, non-fiction etc
  • enable children to understand that reading and writing is for a variety of purposes and audiences