St Mark's CE Primary School

Little Lions' Nursery 


On behalf of the children and staff at Little Lions’ we would like to offer you a warm welcome and provide you with an overview of our nursery and hopefully provide you with the answers to some of the questions you may have!

Little Lions’ nursery was opened in September 2017 and quickly became very mu
ch a part of the St Mark’s school family, situated within the heart of the school, forming part of the Early Years unit.

The nursery offers term time places for children between the ages of two and four years of age, whereby the majority of whom choose to continue their learning journey with St Mark’s school itself. 

Our Nursery Day

The nursery is open during term time and adopts the same term time dates used by the school, which often makes it much simpler for those families that have siblings in nursery and in school.

We open our doors at 8.45am and offer a combination of morning and afternoon half day sessions, as well as a full day session, whereby we will work with yourselves to help choose the right combination of sessions to suit the needs of your child, as this can often vary as they begin to grow and develop in preparation for school life.


The Nursery Curriculum

All Ofsted registered early years providers in England, which includes nurseries such as ourselves, childminders, pre-schools and reception classes must follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), a framework set out by the Department for Education (DFE). The framework sets the standards for learning, development and care for children from birth to five years of age.

The EYFS explains how children will learn and ensure their readiness for school, through focusing on 7 areas of learning and development. Initially, 3 prime areas; Making Relationships, Communication & Language and Physical Development. As children continue to grow, the prime areas will support the development in the specific area of learning, which include, Literacy, Mathematics, Knowledge and understanding of the World and Expressive Arts.

Children are unique and will learn and develop at different stages and different rates across each of the areas of learning, where we ensure that the nursery provision and activities are tailored to meet the needs of the individual child, offering a fun, stimulating, happy, safe and secure environment in which to learn. We want children to encourage to be happy and confident in their love for learning as they carry on their educational journey into school. 

The government produced a document entitled, ‘What to expect, when? Guidance to your child’s learning and development in the early years foundation stage. 

Meet the staff 

Our nursery manager, Mrs Hill has an Early Years Professional Status qualification and is supported by a Deputy Manager and three Early Years qualified practitioners.

“I’m passionate about early years education and I believe in the importance of meeting the needs of the 'unique child' and ensure that all children in my care are able to access to high quality learning opportunities to meet their individual needs and outcomes”

Mrs Hill  - My passion for Early Years

Continuing the Learning Journey

As a nursery we are very much a part of the early years unit at St Mark’s and our children families are strongly supported by all the staff within the school, to ensure that they are made to feel part of our school family. Our Headteacher, Mrs Ferguson and Head of Early Years, Mrs Booth work in partnership with our nursery team to support the children’s learning and development, in ensuring that they achieve their full potential and positive outcomes.

Preparing and supporting our children on their learning journey is vital, whether that be initially starting nursery, moving nursery rooms or the transition into school. We work closely with all staff and parents from an early stage to ensure that each transition is made as seamless as possible for all children. The majority of children choose to continue their education with St Mark’s school and because of our relationship, the Reception team and children already know each other really well, the children are familiar with the learning environment, planning and support is already in place and starting school is seen as a natural progression for all. For those children who spread their wings to other schools, we provide them with as much information as possible, to ensure that they know our children well, just as we do.

Nursery Rooms

We have two nursery rooms; a toddler and a pre-school room. The toddler room offers places for children between the ages of two and three of age and the pre-school room offers places for children between the ages of three and four years of age. Children will generally make the transition from the toddler room, the term after their third birthday.

Starting nursery is a huge milestone in both a child’s and their parents lives and we like to make the transition into nursery as smooth as possible. After initially contacting nursery, you are welcome to arrange a suitable date and time to come and look round or simply come along to one our school open days.  This is then followed up by a home visit, which provides the opportunity to meet your child, in a familiar, relaxed environment and also provides parents with the opportunity to discuss any specific needs and answer any questions that you may have. Nearer the time you will both invited to a play and stay session where the children can explore nursery and meet some of their new little friends.

When your child starts nursery they will be assigned a key person, who will be responsible for managing their learning and development and work together with parents to nurture support and provide all children with high quality learning opportunities to meet their individual needs and outcomes. 

Parents are welcome to contribute to their child’s learning by sharing the lovely things that they have done at home via ‘Tapestry’, our on-line learning journey.  

Toddler Room

The Toddler room offers places for children between the ages of two and three years of age. The room itself can accommodate 8 children in a session and is supported by two Early years practitioners.  The children have access to an indoor and outdoor environment, where they can enjoy their own outdoor space as well as having access to the school grounds! Wellington boots are advisable for the outdoors!



Pre-School Room

The Pre-School Room offers places for children between the ages of 3 and 4 years of age. The room itself can accommodate 24 children in a session and is supported by three Early years’ practitioners. We offer a free-flow system, whereby the children are able to access an indoor and an outdoor provision. The outdoor provision is shared with the Reception class children, which over time supports a seamless transition for the children that go on to attend the school.


There are currently three separate government funded childcare schemes that offer free childcare for children aged two, three and four years  and each has its own eligibility criteria.

(This scheme is open to ALL 3 and 4-year olds. Parents / carers should be able to start receiving the childcare from 1 January, 1 April or 1 September following your child’s 3rd birthday).

  • 30 hours free childcare - 30 hours free government funded early years education.

For further information, please refer to the following government website or contact nursery for further information.

Further Information 

For further information or to request an application form, simply ring the school office or contact:

Mrs J Hill (Manager)

Little Lions’ Nursery

St Mark’s CE Primary School

Alexandra Street,


Wigan, WN5 9DS.

Tel: 01942 748 618

Nursery Fees

If you do not qualify for one of the government funded childcare schemes or you simply wish to top up your child’s nursery sessions, the following fees apply;

£4.50 per hour
Morning Session - £13.50 Afternoon Session - £13.50
Nursery is open term time only 9am - 3pm

For those children attending a full day session and requiring a school dinner, the cost is £1.65.

(We request that parents pay their fees / dinner money on-line through ‘Parent pay’, which is very simple and straightforward school payment method. For more information, please contact the school office.


Opening Times

We offer the following sessions;

Morning session: 08:45am - 11.45am      

Afternoon session: 12:15pm - 15:15pm        

Full Day Session: 09:00am - 15:00pm

Early Starts and late finishes are also available for those children attending a full day session.

We will discuss with you the best combination of nursery to support your child, however we do recommend that they attend a minimum of two sessions in a week, which establishes a good routine in a little person’s life.